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* you become the best surgeon you can possibly be.

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Personalized, AI-powered,
surgeon growth video platform


Hours of videos uploaded


Frames analyzed


Intraoperative events curated


Visual operative reports generated

Measure the quality of your performance and continuously hone your skills as an operator.

Master surgery, now!

Review your prior cases, prepare and plan for future ones.

Theator’s first product utilizes cutting edge computer vision and machine learning to analyze visual content, identify key intraoperative moments and present surgeons with aggregated rich insights.

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The science of surgery

Elite athletes do it, why not you?

Embrace your blind spots.

Identify the small yet important movements and events that can go unnoticed during surgery

By surgeons. For surgeons.

Our curated, independent, database is created by surgeons, for surgeons. What we show you is what happened in surgery.

No filters. No bias.

We simply add annotations to enable intuitive navigation, so you quickly get to what matters most to you.

Beyond your own performance.

Learn from annotated footage of others as they triumph and make errors.

Empowering surgeons. Creating a new reality.

Machine learning and computer vision will change surgery forever.

Theator leverages the unprecedented power of technology to make education for surgeons more accessible, reliable, and effective than ever.

Our mission is to help you become the best surgeon possible, no matter where you are or where you’ve been.

Master surgery, now!

Your procedures will love it here!

Get high-quality tools to analyze and learn from your procedures

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