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Reimagining the way surgery is taught and performed

Doing things differently takes a different kind of team.

Our computer vision experts, clinical analysts, developers, and product visionaries are all dedicated to providing you with a superior experience.

Supported by practicing surgeons, clinical luminaries, and computer vision thought leaders, everything we do is cutting edge and grounded in real-world clinical practice and science.

Asaf Rafaeli

Software Developer

Barak Ariel

Software Developer

Chen Elimelech

Annotation Specialist

Daniel Kuvent

Computer Vision Engineer

Dotan Asselmann

Co-founder and CTO

Gideon Sroka, MD

Advisor, General Surgery

Gregory Hager, PhD

Advisor, Computer Vision (Johns Hopkins University)

Hadas Shaham

Annotation Specialist

Jenia Makrinich

Software Developer

Maya Zohar

Computer Vision Engineer

Noam Cholev

Annotation Specialist

Omri Bar

Computer Vision Engineer

Ross Girshick, PhD

Advisor, Computer Vision (Facebook AI Research)


Tamir Wolf, MD, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Yuval Mirkin

Annotation Specialist

Our Investors