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Introducing Minutes by Theator

This is how it works

Surgery is about precision and efficiency. Minutes seamlessly integrates in your workflow to enhance performance.


all your procedures and stats in one HIPAA compliant, secure, location


for upcoming cases by accessing patient- and surgeon-tailored footage in context


postoperatively and understand hours long procedures within minutes


better next time you’re in the OR


your experiences, anonymously, with a global surgeon community

Who benefits from Minutes?

Residents and Fellows

can prepare for cases based on real-world contextual data and can assess their own performance

Attending Surgeons

can analyze and improve performance while continuously refining their teaching skills


can objectively assess performance across the organization and tailor improvement initiatives

Theator for surgeons

Digital library of your procedure videos

All of your experiences in one HIPAA compliant, secure, place

AI-driven, highly-searchable registry based on your most important pre-, post- and intraoperative data points, tailored by procedure

Easy-to-access metrics to help you efficiently prepare for an upcoming procedure or quickly review one from which you’d like to learn

Anonymized content that ensures your privacy, and allows for unbiased, communal access to the good, the bad, and the ugly

Visual operative reports

Surgical steps, outcome-crucial components, and contingencies for complications all captured by computer vision and machine learning models under surgeon supervision

Review hours-long procedures within minutes and digest the most essential elements using our scientific approach to summarization

Measure, compare, and improve with analytics that provide the scientific edge missing to date from your practice

Theator for hospital systems

Theator offers reliable customized video-based products that address the needs of surgeons with scientific rigor and that, for the first time, represent what truly happens in the operating room.

We can work with your team to create an efficient platform that is tailored to your efficiency gaps and research needs.

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